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Sleep is giving in

So lift those heavy eyelids

No matter what the time is
12 November 1984
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You hear another story everyday
Of some ill fated love that got away
And nearly everytime it ends the same
When trust is gone, nobody wants the blame

Friends are here and friends will be away
New lovers kiss, and swear They'll never stray (but they stray)
And everynight that party ends the same
With too much wine they find
That something's changed (and it's changed)

You saw it on the news the other day
A movie star's romance hideaway
And all the time you think they've got it made
A year and they're dividing the estate
(Who gets the kids?)

Feels alright when you start to laugh
Feels too good just to let it pass
Scared to say what you want to say
Tastes too sweet just to end this way

You'll find
There's no one left to love you
In time
You learn to love yourself

You'll find
When no one's thinking of you
It's time
To care about yourself
acoustic guitar, baba nam kevalam, barefoot on sand, basement couches, beautiful dreamers, being "in it", birds singing sweetly, blossoms, breezy music, bubbling enthusiasm, burning embers, buttercups, change, clairvoyance, clear mountain air, comfortable and cozy, consciousness, conversing over meals, dark and hot showers, discovery, dreaming, eastern religions, electrical storms, encouragement, engaging intellectualism, entering flathead valley, enveloping hugs, experimenting with food, family connections, feeling open, floating downstream, french bread and cheese, freshly squeezed juice, fuzzy carpets, genuine smiles, getting enough sleep, grassy knolls, hearths, heavy breathing, heightened awareness, hiking in forests, hot drinks, huge blankets, icicles that touch ground, improvised music, inborn spirituality, interlocked fingers, isolation, la luna, laughing until i ache, letting go, light, light from fishtanks, log homes, love you forever, loving myself, lush isolated forests, melting ice, memories of israel, mist on mountains, music-gasms, my brothers laughter, my room, my slender hands, nocturnal illuminated snowflakes, nudity, observing unobtrusive details, oil lamps, panentheism, passenger seats, penetrating gazes, peppermint chai, photoshop projects, piano in the dark, pillow fights, pure silence, purple ink, pursuit of happiness, reflets dans l'eau, refreshing nights of slumber, release through crying, remembering childhood, revelatory discussions, running in the morning, scented candles, screaming my name, scribbled thoughts, second winds when jogging, sensitivity, sensuality, silent all these years, singing, sitting backseat, sitting in the shower, skinny dipping, smells from the kitchen, snuggle piles, soul friends, steam from boiling water, streams, sunshine, swimming at night, tea with honey, that happy summer feeling, the crunch of snow, the idea of home, the smell of grass, trail of the cedars, trying to cook, untainted inner fragility, waking up early, wanting to learn, warm huckleberry pie, warmth, watching burning flames, water, weep no more, wise/healthy/complete individuals, wistful sighs, woot indeed